Appearance Edit

Prof. Wink is tall, with a quick agile build. His skin's a dark tan, and his eyes are a chocolatey brown. He has dark brown hair in a military cut. He has a few scars, one on his cheek, several crossing his arms, and always has many band-aids all over him, which he seemingly prefers to healing charms. He wears the traditional white long-sleeved collared shirt with a Hufflepuff tie, but over it has a large tan jacket completely covered in pockets, which can hold anything from Knuts to a dragon egg. He wears shorts the same tan as his shirt as well as boots, but in any fancier situation he'll go with black pants and dress shoes, as well as house robes.

Personality Edit

Wink's bursting with energy, easily excitable. He loves everything about the wizarding world, and is highly encouraging. However, whenever any of his students accidentally hurt a creature in any way he'll be furious, and is easily frustrated. But he still tries his best to teach well and attempts to make everything as fun as possible for his students, and encourages them to work hard. He also encourages working without magic, due to how he was raised.

Flaws Edit

Wink has an extremely short temper, which he can accidentally release on anyone around him. He's also extremely accident-prone, as his nature causes him to do insane things in an attempt to spice up the class. He's also just plain bad with humans, and is unsure what to do in confrontation or an actual conversation.

Backstory Edit

Wink was born to a squib and a pure-blood, which lead to an interesting raising that taught him the values of magic but also how to work for himself, without the aid of magic. This made him view overuse of magic a unecessary, and makes him see the whole wizarding government as a bunch of slackers. He received his Hogwars letter at eleven and went, where the hat took an awful long time deciding between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. While there he got up to loads of trouble, including accidentally burning down part of the Forbidden Forest. However, he graduated with high scores and went on to work with magical creatures for a while before applying for a position at Hogwarts.