Sophia Littel is a female witch in her third year.


Sophia is a pear in terms of body shapes, and her hair is somewhat dark brown, though in light it is a lighter shade. It is straight at the top and wavy at the bottom. It curls down to her shoulders, and generally is messy. Her skin is fair and her eyes a pale brown. 


She has a sharp wit, the kind that makes you so afraid of the person you thought was nice. While he is generally harmless, she has weaponized her words and is known to wield them in verbal disputes. Sophia is quite an ambivert, often a show off, but only when she knows she is in a judge free environment. 


She's kind of a jerk sometimes, and her behavior can be seen as strange to people who don't really understand why she came to be this way. She has a fear of judgement. Generally she's insecure


She came from a muggle family. Her mother was a witch and her father the muggle. They generally loved her as much as they could, but during her years at hogwarts she has slowly stopped corresponding with them. The reason of this is known only to Sophia and her parents. 


  • She's gay.
  • Her patronus is Barack Obama (it's possible, look it up)
  • She's a "stoner" (she grows weed secretly during Herbology)