Appearance Edit

Persephone is rather short, being 5'4". She's thin, but surprisingly strong. She has short, shoulder length, messy hair with uneven ends. Often she'll a single, thin braid in it. Her eyes a deep, warm, chocolate brown. She has freckles going over the bridge of her nose. She anyways wears a silver chain necklace with a wolf tooth on it.

Personality Edit

Persephone had a tendency to get into trouble. She loves to do mischief and sometimes cause mayhem. She has a surprising talent of causing mischief in odd ways, and the teachers almost never catch her. One of her favorite things to do is play Quidditch. She also loves to learn Potions, hoping to someday go into a business of making potions for Quidditch players. Her closest friend (currently) is her cat, Blackberry, whom she loves to death. Blackberry is a sneaky, ornery cat who loves to cause trouble as well. Together, Persephone and Blackberry make quite a team.

Flaws Edit

She likes to get into mischief. Lots of times she'll be pulling pranks on other Hogwarts students (especially Slytherin). Sometimes she's too cocky, which can get her in trouble. She's prideful sometimes.

Backstory Edit

Persephone's family isn't poor, but they're not rich either. Several times, when she was young, her father had her go to nearby towns to steal food for their next meal. Persephone never thinks badly about her parents and actually believes them to be wonderful. When she got her letter to join Hogwarts, her family had to sell almost all of their possessions to let her go. She wants to make up for that by being the best Quidditch player she can be and by winning money in tournaments. She's been working jobs, when at home, since she was 13. But still, she thinks highly of her parents.