Appearance Edit

Myra is very petite, with a slim waist and thin limbs. She has a long black braid that hangs down her back, with purple and silver ribbons woven in. She has cocoa skin and hooded black eyes with a long nose. Her septum is pierced, with silver chains and amethyst dangling above her thin lip. She usually wears flowing and gauzy purple and silver robes, with symbols of the moon embroidered.

Personality Edit

Myra is powerful. What she lacks in height she makes up for in magical and social prowess. She's confident in herself, sometimes a little too confident. She believes in not only teaching her students, but empowering them. She does tend to show a little favoritism towards the Ravenclaws. She can be judgmental, and she's very strong willed. If she didn't teach Charms, she would teach Divination.

Flaws Edit

She can be arrogant, judgmental and biased.

Backstory Edit

Myra grew up in a pretty normal family, her brother and her mother. After her brother died in an argument gone wrong, she dedicated herself to teaching young wizards the dangers of misused magic.

Trivia Edit