Appearance Edit

Liam is shorter than average, but sturdy for his age. He has shaggy chestnut brown hair that looks like it needs to get cut, and a thick smattering of freckles of the same shade covers the bridge of his nose and under his brown eyes. His skin is comparatively pale. He has a roguish smile and usually wears his robes very casually.

Personality Edit

He's confident and loud. He makes dad jokes. To Prefects or bookish types, he can seem obnoxious. He doesn't really go out of his friend group often, in that sense he's actually rather reserved. He's been waiting since first year to try out for the team, and he thinks he's finally ready.

Flaws Edit

He's entitled, rough and insensitive.

Backstory Edit

He was raised by his wealthy (and magical) adoptive parents, an only child. He's a bit bratty because of this. He only has a few memories of his birth parents.

Trivia Edit