Appearance Edit

She has olive skin and small, dark eyes. Her hair is glossy, black, and straight as a pin. She wears large, thick square glasses. She's a little chubby, with a round face and squishy stomach. She often gets scraped knees and bruises, as she's very clumsy.

Personality Edit

Jo is typically very quiet. Not that she's shy, she just keeps to herself. If someone uses incorrect grammar or is wrong about something, she will correct them to the point that it gets annoying. If someone is being a bully, she will stand up to them no matter what. She's the protector of her friend group, a leader, an innovator. She is extremely stubborn.

Flaws Edit

She's bossy, stubborn and condescending.

Backstory Edit

She has two surprised but supportive Muggle parents. She can't wait to get home and show them all that she's learned.

Trivia Edit

  • She hatstalled with Ravenclaw.