Appearance Edit

A rather light tan skin colour paired with freckles. She has messy reddish-brown hair that occasionally falls into her face and green eyes. Gwendolyn is short and is pretty much average in every other way.

Personality Edit

Gwendolyn is a daydreamer, clumsy and really quite forgetful. Spending most of her daytime trying to not fall asleep, it’s no wonder she’s scraping by with only a ‘acceptable’ in most of her grades and sometimes a ‘poor’. Gwendolyn basically never actually attempts anything relating to sport and it’s really quite hard trying to imagine her even anywhere near the Quidditch pitch. Books are one of her favourite things as well as trying out spells (and mostly failing!) in class. Gwendolyn is always curious about the world around her and no doubt constantly exploring the really quite strange and fascinating wizarding world.

Flaws Edit

Constantly tripping over things, most students will try to avoid being in her small path of destruction. Somehow, she always finds herself accidentally spilling someone’s potion in potions class or crashing into someone. Unfortunately for everyone around her, she’s also zoning out as she does this. “Hey, what were the instructions again?” Is something you’ll hear very often if you’re her friend. Wait... have I mentioned her forgetfulness before?

Backstory Edit

She’s a half-blood! Mother is Elizabeth Joy Meridyth-Oak and father is Wilton Meridyth-Oak. Her grandparents on mother’s side are both muggles. Her parents decided to keep her wizard blood a secret until her tenth birthday. We can’t have her spilling magic information everywhere in class, can we? I mean surely that small child overflowing with words can’t keep that large secret a large secret for long?