Appearance Edit

He's a rather short, but sturdy man, with pale, rough skin. He has a dark groomed mane to match his carefully trimmed goatee. He has dark blue eyes, almost black. He has a handsome, chiseled face, and walks at a relaxed pace. While at school, he wears blue robes, intricately embroidered with symbols of the sun and moon. While out and about, he wears a Muggle suit with a suave top hat.

Personality Edit

He's a rather mysterious man, who interacts with others minimally, even the teachers. The rare times he interacts with the students, he's full of wonder and joy about their magical world, like he's been since he got his letter all those years ago. He spends a lot of time shut up in his office, doing who knows what. I'll develop him more during roleplay. He used to teach Care of Magical Creatures, and was head of Ravenclaw house.

Flaws Edit

He's secretive, immoral, and can be a bit nosy.

Backstory Edit

His whole life he's wanted to discover things, and learning he was a wizard gave him a whole new world to explore. He became a professor after graduating, and eventually the Headmaster.

Trivia Edit