Appearance Edit

Bee is tall but not lanky or overly skinny. They have soft brown eyes and equally soft and brown skin. They have a strong jaw, but their face is still on the softer side shapewise. They have a halo of black curls that bounce nicely, but get tangled easily.

Personality Edit

Bee is soft spoken when you first meet them, but once they get to know you they're quick to make friends. Bee is very happy to be at Hogwarts, and help the new students.

Flaws Edit

They're gullible, they forgive people too easily, and they have low self esteem.

Backstory Edit

Bee was shunned by their family for being nonbinary, and has always felt at home at Hogwarts. They dedicate themself to making it a safe home for others.

Trivia Edit

  • Best friends with Sol Davis