Appearance Edit

She has caramel skin and long chocolate hair, blue eyes, and is average height.

Personality Edit

She is brave, and likes to explore, I mean LOVES TO EXPLORE IN FORBIDDEN PLACES! She is adventurous, but not very welcoming. She is careless but is very good at D.A.D.A. 

Flaws Edit

She is careless, she thinks that she can do anything, when really she can't. She never doubts herself, and often makes a bad choice. She almost always refuses help, unless it's her best friend.

Backstory Edit

She was always adventurous, and loved to go into forbidden places, but for her ordinary life, that would be going past the out of bounds line, at school. when she got the Hogwarts letter, she was 90% excited about new, mysterious, forbidden, dangerous places and 10%  excited to be chosen for this.